About Me

My name is Christian (a.k.a. DarthChrisDK) and I live in Denmark.

I started collecting back in 2011. At first, it was a few 1/6 figures, then I opened up my eyes to statues. One thing led to another, and my collection steadily started growing.

profileMy hobby before collecting pop culture was photography, and I soon combined these two hobbies by taking lots of photos of my collectibles, and I even ventured into doing video reviews on YouTube, where I today go by the name of ‘DarthChrisDK‘. This was a big leap for a nerdy and shy boy like myself, but I’ve come to love it.

My collection as a whole has undergone significant changes over my collecting “career”. At first, it was very much about Star Wars. I wanted figures, statues, helmets, prop replicas and life-size busts. I soon expanded to other movie franchises, including Lord of the Rings and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today, my collection has taken a drastic turn and I mainly collect comic book superheroes and villains. The beauty of collecting comic book statues is all those colorful and iconic characters that come together and create a collection that really pops with its colorful combinations.

My collection represents everything that I love from the realm of pop culture. You’ll find all kinds of different pieces that somehow represent my favorite franchises. I also spend a great deal of time picking out the pieces that I want. So I don’t have as big a collection as many of my friends do, but with the limited size and space I have at my disposal, I try and make the best out of displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing way – at least in regard to my own personal taste.

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