So it begins… I’ve finally taken my first step in assembling my Millennium Falcon Studio Scale Replica by De Agostini.

This model kit is based on the 32-inch studio scale model used as a filming prop for the original Star Wars movies. It’s the spiritual descendant to the Master Replicas model that came out years ago. The De Agostini model is going to be an improved version of that one, and Steve Dymszo, who created the Master Replicas model, has been very involved in creating the new De Agostini model.

The catch is that you have to build it yourself… and I have no real experience with model building!

However, there is hope. De Agostini has emphasized that this build is doable even by people that have no prior experience with model building, and with every issue of this build, a set of instructions are to be found. They also post instructional build diaries online for every issue.

What are these issues I’m talking about? Well, this is a subscription. Every week a new issue is published, and every four weeks, they ship them out. So every month, I receive four new issues that contain new bits and pieces that are to be used in the assembling of this model. There’s a total of 100 issues planned, and the build is therefore originally thought to take about 2 years to complete.

Anyways, here’s my very first video in a series of videos I’ll be posting on this build. I sure hope you’ll join me in this adventure of mine. I’m so excited about it, and I can’t wait to get further into this build.