The new year has started out on a high note for me as a comic book collector. I was able to add the following titles to my collection:

  • Infinity, hardcover (Marvel Comics)
  • The Fall of the Mutants Omnibus, hardcover (Marvel Comics)
  • X-Men Vol. 2 Omnibus (Chris Claremont/Jim Lee), hardcover (Marvel Comics)
  • Captain America Omnibus (Ed Brubaker), hardcover (Marvel Comics)

I got the Infinity book in hardcover despite the fact that I already got it a few weeks ago as a paperback. I just really loved the artwork and content – so I decided to not postpone it and just go ahead an pick up the hardcover right away.

Most important part of the haul is the Captain America Omnibus from the Ed Brubaker run. It’s a modern classic and a very sought after and rare book these days. This marks my journey into acquiring the entire run, which consists of 5 omnibusses. More news on that in a later post (or video).

I hope that you’ll check out my latest comic book haul video. In the video, I go over each book and I show some of the inside pages. It’s a great start to the new year, and I think 2016 will be a great year for me as a collector (not just of comics).