Comic Collection

Phew! The above photo is a very recent one of my growing collection of comic books. There’s a lot! But have I read all of my comics? Nope!

I often get asked whether I’ve read this one or that one yet. Unfortunately, my answer to that is often quite boring: “No, not yet”. I think there are many reasons to this, and I’ll try and explain a bit where I’m coming from, and what I consider to be my challenges or obstacles when it comes to making a dent on my pile of unread material.

Time and energy

Well, I know that we are all busy. I bet most of you guys have a family to take care of, work, and other meaningful errands that take up most of your time, and I bet some of you still find time to read – right? I guess we are all wired differently, and despite the fact that I probably haven’t got as much on my plate as many of you guys and girls, I still find that I lack the time, and energy to sit down and read a lot. I work a normal nine to five (or eight to four, really) job, and these days, I’m simply battered when I get home. So I fall for the temptation of just doing some “passive” activities such as watching series and playing some video games.

It might just be a particular phase that I am going through, and I’m really hoping that I will have more energy in the coming time.The last couple of months have been quite exhausting.

Too many interests

I’m sure that most of you can relate to this. You all know that I collect statues, and I engage a lot in this hobby. I am active in the community, I run this page and my YouTube-channel and Facebook Page. I generally just spend a lot of time on the statue hobby. I love it, but it also takes a lot of time. It might not seem like the toughest gig to share photos, news etc. But it does really take time to keep taps on everything.

Besides, I also create my own content with my photos and videos, and that also takes a lot of time. Both the actual recording, as well as the editing, and I also need to plan ahead, when to do what.

I’ve always been a gamer, and I love to play video games. I’m not currently deeply invested in anything in particular, but I have some games that I frequent play. That also takes time.

I generally don’t watch that many movies anymore, but instead, I spend a great deal of time watching series. I have countless series that I follow. That certainly also takes a lot of time.

I have a lot of other hobbies and activities, but the ones above are the ones I mainly focus on these days.

What to do then?

I’m sure that most of you guys have the same circumstances, and probably even a family on top of that that you need to tend to. So you might be wondering why I’m crying like that. I guess we all just adjust to our outer (and intter) circumstances. I think most of my troubles would diminish if you for example started exercising a bit more. I mean, I know from my own experience how this can really make a difference when it comes to feeling empowered and more full of energy. It’s just a really big wall to climb right now, but it is something I really want to do, and soon! I’m sure it would make me more efficient and positive, and I’d come to experience that I would be capable of doing all the things I want to to a higher degree than today.

So, I’ll try and do something about that.

My plans for comic book reading

I think this post has now developed into a more general assessment of my current state of mind than a talk about reading comics. Hey, I guess that’s cool. This blog is my therapy session with myself (and you). Heh!

Anyways, let’s get back on track. So, what are my thoughts on reading comics? Well, I’ll work on the above and hope to get a whole lot of more reading done in the future. I’d like to try and plan for it. Dedicate an hour or two some evenings to simply sit down and read. As soon as I allow myself to dig deeper into the stories, I’m sure I’ll also be more motivated to hang in there.

I’d also really like to start doing some reviews. I think that would be some great content to add to my YouTube-channel. Just discussing and sharing my thoughts on the books and omnibuses I read.

I really, really want to dive deep into my library of comic books, so I certainly hope that I can try and do some changes so that I get to a level where I can really get into it.

Wish me the best of luck, guys and girls! I’ll do my best. Thanks a lot for reading this!

Oh, and below, a video of my latest comic book haul!