October has almost come to an end and it’s time to take stock of all the comic book hauls I’ve had this month. It’s been a really interesting month and I’ve been able to add quite a few white whales to my collection of comic books. So without further ado, let’s go through the list:

  • Secret Warriors Omnibus (Hickman & Bendis)
  • Batwoman Elegy Deluxe Hardcover (Rucka & Williams III)
  • Absolute All-Star Superman (Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely)
  • The Colossal Conan
  • Uncanny X-Force Omnibus (Remender)
  • The Mighty Thor Omnibus (Walter Simonson)
  • Avengers Vol. 1 Omnibus (Busiek)
  • X-Men Age of Apocalypse Companion Omnibus
  • Punisher Max (Jason Aaron)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 Omnibus (Stan Lee & Steve Ditko)

Having only seriously collected hardcover comics for about 3-4 months, I’m feeling that I am “getting there” i.e. I’m managing to obtain some of the more sought after omnibusses and hardcovers. From the list above, I’d say that Secret Warrios, Simonson’s Thor, The Colossal Conan and Uncanny X-Force are the most important ones. Absolute All-Star Superman and The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 have just recently been rumoured OOP (out of print). If you are in the market for these, I’d recommend picking them up now rather than later.

I’m extremely excited about having gotten The Colossal Conan. It’s truly an amazing tome! It’s huge and very heavy. It’s the same size as the Big Damn Sin City that Dark Hose also put out. Having acquired this book, I feel like also obtaining a statue of Conan for my collection. I’ll report more on that once I track something down.

So, what’s next? Good question. I’m still keen on getting the Hellboy Library Editions (Vol. 1-6) and Y: The Last Man (Deluxe). Maybe another Absolute as well – most likely Long Halloween. Let’s be honest, there’s always something else you haven’t got that you really want. But with a huge statue order coming in in the near future, I have to wait a little and see what my budget will allow.

I made a video discussing this month’s haul. Check it out below!