Sideshow Announcements

It’s been a busy week. Both in terms of my work, but especially when it comes to the amount of new announcements from Sideshow Collectibles. I’ve already covered a lot of announcements in my recent posts, but there are more! So let’s go through all of them.

The Iron Giant Maquette

Iron Giant Maquette

This is something that fans of the movie will love. Personally, I love this animated movie, and I can’t wait to see this amazing character as a statue. It’s difficult to say how big it will be. It’s a maquette, so I am guessing it will be about 20-24 inches tall. It’s a giant, so I hope that Sideshow decides to somehow translate that into the piece. It would also be awesome with a beautifully detailed base. Some autumn colors and foresty surface.

Michelanglo and Raphael Statues

Michelangelo Statue Raphael Statue

Both these statues were announced since I made my last update. This completes the entire line-up of Sideshow’s new take on the famous TMNT. They all look quite cool, with a more rough, and I want to say realistic, look. The thing about these pieces is that… you don’t just get one – you get them all. But, I guess that if you are a fan of TMNT you will not think twice about that. Check out the amazing artwork too that I posted about earlier.

Bane Premium Format Figure

Bane Premium Format

Finally! The Bane Premium Format is something that Batman fans have been waiting for for so long. It’s finally here, and from the teaser it sure looks like it’s going to be a massive piece. Bane is a fan-favorite villain of Batman, and it’s been expected that we would see this awesome character join the Premium Format line. It sure looks very promising.

Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette

Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette

In the wake of the release of the City Hunter Maquette, we get the Jungle Hunter Maquette. Personally, I think that the City Hunter Maquette looks absolutely stunning. So I am very excited to see Sideshow expand on this line already. I’m quite sure that this will go extremely well with the City Hunter, if displayed together. It also really looks like a must for any Predator fans out there. I’m sure this will be a massive hit, and I am even considering getting it myself. I just really doubt that I would have the room for it.

Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust

Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust

This bust looks amazing! The Wolf Predator is many fan’s favorite Predator. Sideshow already made a life-size bust of this character years ago. They also made a Legendary Scale Figure some years ago, and this bust will be the perfect companion piece to it. The expression and terrifying look of this piece is awesome. I can’t wait to see more of it.

Sideshow actually made a “behind the scenes” video featuring this piece. You definitely need to check that out as well.

Pepper Premium Format Figure

Pepper Premium Format

This piece came as a huge surprise, and a lot of collectors were a bit confused when they saw this. This is the Pepper Premium Format. Who is Pepper you ask? Pepper is one of Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s personal creations – an original character. If you are a fan of Artgerm, you already know this character. He’s been creating a lot of artwork featuring this colorful and sexy character. Personally, I think this is an awesome announcement. Although I don’t have a relationship to this character, really, I think it is wonderful to see how Sideshow is cementing their co-operation with Stanley Lau, and hopefully, we will see other of his creations come to life by the hand of Sideshow in the future.

Sideshow also released a promotional video of this character the day of the announcement. Check it out below.

Freddy Krueger Premium Format Figure

Freddy Krueger Premium Format

I don’t know what it is with Sideshow, but they just can’t get enough of this character. I think that’s totally fine since I love the fact that my horror fan friends will be getting some more love. I’m not the biggest fan myself, but this release is exciting still. Often, some of Sideshow’s best work is found within the horror line of collectibles. I think these pieces just lie very close to the sculptors and designers hearts, and that passion really shines through. So, congratulations to all my horror fan friends on this one.

Cheetah Premium Format Figure

Cheetah Premium Format

Another piece where a shout of “Finally!” would be in order! This is one of Wonder Woman’s antagonists, and I know some collectors who have been hoping to see this piece for a long time. Well, finally we will be seeing her come to life. The teaser doesn’t reveal all that much, and I’m very curious how this piece will look in its full glory. It’s a strong contender for my collection as well since I have Wonder Woman already. Still, I think it would have to blow me away for me to order it, but who knows! Hopefully this piece will have all the wild fury and feline sexiness that comes with this character.

Huntress Premium Format Figure

Huntress Premium Format Figure

This was announced a while ago, but I didn’t mention previously, so I decided to add it here. The Huntress will be joining the Batman Premium Format family. I can’t wait to see this awesome character. The design of this character has always appealed to me. Hopefully, but I’m assuming so, we will see this character at SDCC (along with all other pieces mentioned in this post). The Batman line of collectibles is surely getting some love, which is great.

Rocket and Groot Statues

Rocket and Groot Statue

Not really sure what to expect of this piece. It could be Premium Format, however, Sideshow usually adds it to the announcement. It could also be a Maquette or diorama. In any case, I’m guessing that this or these will be close to 1/4 scale so they’d fit in with the rest of their Marvel pieces. I absolutely love the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and I’m very excited that we will see these funny characters come to life – in whatever format that will be.

Leatherface Premium Format Figure

Leatherface Premium Format

Yet another horror piece! Once again, I’m excited and happy for my fellow horror collectors out there. This piece is surely going to bring some horror into any collection out there. I always found this character disturbing – a lot! It’s awesome to see how Sideshow is showing love to these classic horror characters.

That covers everything! Below is a list of additional announcements that I have covered in earlier posts. This year’s SDCC is going to be a blast, and I cannot wait to see all the great photos and videos that will come. I hope to see every single of these statues, and hopefully others too!

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