I’ve had the Aurra Sing Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles in my collection for years now, and I’ve finally gotten around to doing a video review of it.

This statue is one of Sideshow Collectibles’ older Premium Format statues. It is a beautifully sculpted statue that features mixed media in the form of fabrics and leather parts. The pose is simple and natural and it fits the nature of the character very well. The entire expression and attitude of this statue is one of its strongest attributes.

Aurra Sing isn’t the most iconic character from the Star Wars universe, nor the most important one, but still, there is something about this statue that makes it special to me. Despite the fact that she is only seen for a brief second in The Phantom Menace and is only really well known from the animated Clone Wars series, she somehow manages to shine Star Wars to me – there’s just something about her. The statue also goes extremely well with the Boba Fett Premium Format Figure also from Sideshow Collectibles. When displayed together they manage to really encapsulate the Star Wars feeling.

I’ve had a lot of Star Wars Premium Formats over the course of my collecting “career”, including Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, C-3PO & R2-D2, Darth Talon, Darth Malgus and Count Dooku. Most of which, I have since sold. But not Aurra Sing.

With all that said, I welcome you to check out my video review of Aurra Sing below. Thanks for watching (and reading).