My collection is growing too big!

When I first started collecting statues, a couple of years ago, finding somewhere to put my stuff wasn’t really a problem. Well, it should be noted that I didn’t really have a display setup in the very beginning, so it did offer some challenges. But as soon as I got my display set up, and saw all that lovely available space, I was filled with excitement and wonder. So many spots to fill – oh, what the future might have in store for me!

It’s been a few years now, and I can’t pretend that things haven’t changed, cause they sure have! I’m finding my display area to almost be completely filled, and if I hadn’t sold quite a number of statues in my time, I would have enough statues to fill out a display twice the size of the one I have today. I do realize that a lot of collectors probably have even less room than I, whilst having much larger collections. It simply has always been my aspiration to keep a rather trimmed collection, without too many scales mixed together, and without statues standing almost on top of each other. The downside to this is that I can’t indulge in buying whatever statues are announced all the time. Simply because I don’t have the physical space to sustain it.

It also forces me to always reflect on my collection; what I have today, and where I want to go. In that sense, my collection has already undergone some very big changes. In the beginning, I wanted to collect movie props, replicas and statues. Then I started focusing more on Star Wars. Today, I’m transitioning more towards comic book related statues from Marvel and DC Comics. Alas! That is the life of a statue collector. We are like kids in a toy store, walking with great desire from one shelf to another, becoming only more and more enthralled as we delve farther and farther into the realm of nerds!

Today, I find that my collection is almost filled to the brim. I do have some vacant spots, and I can of course pair some of my statues together within my display. However, there seems to be a trend today that statues must be bigger and more space demanding. This indeed challenges me as a collector since a lot of the most hyped statues today will simply not fit inside my display, and require a certain spot outside my display cases. So I find myself fighting battles in my mind over which statues deserve to be put on my most “exclusive” spots. Those spots, outside my cabinets, that make a piece stand out even more and appear like centerpieces. It’s a huge challenge and it’s both fun and painful to entertain these thoughts since the brutal fact is that I will eventually have to sell some statues that are very dear to me. But on the other hand, I guess it’s a healthy exercise in not getting too attached to a physical object.

I do have some statues on order, and I will share these with you in future posts. For now, let it be said – great challenges lie ahead!

Happy Collecting!