My latest statue acquisition is that of the impressive Thanos 1/4 scale statue by Singaporean statue company XM Studios. Created in a worldwide edition size of 999 pieces this massive statue towers with its 66 cm (26 inches). Additionally, the statue weighs about 11 kg (24 pounds) – it’s truly a large and impressive piece.

XM Thanos features a lot of interchangable parts giving collectors the option of displaying this statue in a wide range of ways. There are four different arms, 2 different left hands, 3 different heads/portraits and 2 cosmic cubes. It is truly amazing how XM Studios try to make the most out of their releases, and as a collector, it’s just that more fun.

Ever since I saw the very first photos of this statue (early casts by Ownage) I had a weak spot for it. But, I didn’t actually preorder it since I simply felt that I didn’t have the budget for it at the time. This means that I actually ended up picking up XM Thanos on the aftermarket, which obviously was even more expensive. Oh well, the decisions we collectors sometimes have to live with. I don’t regret it at all – it was something I spent a lot of time thinking over, and I ended up going for it. It was all the lucky collectors posting fantastic photos of this statue that finally drove me to seek it out.

Anyways, I’m really happy and satisfied having picked up XM Thanos, and I of course already made an unboxing video. As usualy, unboxing an XM statue is such a joy. They always come in a well-constructed and secure box, and you feel very confident that nothing has been damaged due to this.

Check out my unboxing video at the top of this post, and stay tuned for my review!

Thanos by XM Studios