Here it is! My video review of the fantastic Thanos 1/4 scale statue by XM Studios. It’s an amazing piece that has a lot to offer in alternative display options and combinations.

It’s a huge statue with its 11 kg and 66 cm in height. Thanos looks so powerful and intimidating, and his physique truly comes to life here. Thanos is a really interesting character, and while I still have lots to read and learn about him, I already find him fascinating and diverse.

I plan to read The Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus very soon – thereafter, I’ll be looking for more Thanos content to consume. I really want to know everything there is to know about this character. I don’t have that many villains in my collection, and I believe this is actually my first Marvel villain. I’m very pleased that my first villain statue is Thanos.

Again, insects, you ask what am I? What I am is angry. What I am is insane with rage. What I am is…THANOS!

This is my third XM statue, and I must say that they are earning a special place in my heart. I still feel that they have both good and less good releases, but generally, they impress me a lot. I admire their vision and ambition. They seek to impress and that is crucial these days with statue collecting becoming more and more popular. It’s great to have XM Studios become an acknowledged and relatively big name on the statue scene, and with companies such as Iron Studios and Imaginarium Arts also taking a big seat at the table, things are headed in a very interesting direction. In other words, it’s a great time to be a statue collector.

Anyways, you’ll find my review just above. I hope you’ll enjoy it.