Stormtrooper Legendary Scale

Yet another day has passed, and yet another awesome piece has been announced by Sideshow Collectibles, and it is none other than the iconic Stormtrooper from the original Star Wars movies.

Legendary Scale Figures are statues in the scale of 1:2. The often have a museum-like quality to them, and have an exceptional presence when displayed. Their size makes them hard for most collectors to display properly, but they also make for quite impressive centrepieces.

Sideshow is excited to announce the Stormtrooper Legendary Scale Figure! Star Wars™ fans will have an opportunity to acquire this massive figure and add it to their collection. Coming soon from the galaxy far, far away… Move along!

I think this year’s SDCC is shaping up to be real good, with a lot of new statues that we’ve never seen before. It seems like Star Wars has really been revitalized as well, since there was somewhat a drought on that franchise the last couple of years. But with the universe really coming back now, stronger than ever, it seems like we are going to see a lot of goodies from that galaxy far, far away. I’m looking forward to seeing (and sharing) all the photos I can dig up from the upcoming SDCC event. If you are going yourself, and want to help me with some really good shots from the event, let me know.