I’m currently building a model of the Millennium Falcon in studio scale. I’m now up to issues 27 and 28, and I just made a video of these two issues. This brings me up to 15 parts of my video series.

I’ve written about this build before, but in case you don’t know, here are some basic details:

  • The build is spread out on 100 issues total.
  • Each issue is released weekly (making it a 2-year build).
  • This is a replica of the 32-inch studio scale model.
  • Each issue consists of a magazine and a bag containing model parts.
  • The model comes pre-painted, but is not perfected (they recommend painting it yourself).

I’m way behind some of my fellow builders out there, but that’s OK since I can then gather a lot of information on the build, and learn from others and their experience. I’m still releasing my own stream of videos on the build, and I focus on two issues per video. Currently, I’m accumulating a lot of interior parts, and I am assembling the lower framework.

If you would like to see all my videos, I’ll be sure to leave a link to the entire playlist just below.

Build the Millennium Falcon Playlist:

Official website: