It’s been a productive weekend, and I’m now ready to share my review of the fantastic Conan: The Prize Diorama by Sideshow Collectibles.

This is truly a classic Sideshow piece. The quality is very high. The paint applications are superb, the details of the statue and just the overall design and concept are of a very high standard. When I look at this statue, I keep thinking that this is old school. Maybe it is because I have a hard time imagining Sideshow Collectibles doing something like this these days. I might be over-thinking it. I don’t know.

I find this piece to be a perfect representation of Conan, and the Conan mythology in general. The themes are all here. Brutality, sexuality and a short temper. That’s what I get from looking at this piece. I think one of the reasons that I allowed myself to get this piece was that I just recently obtained the amazing The Colossal Conan comic book from Dark Horse. It’s a 1200+ pages HUGE book. This statue is kind of an accompanying piece to this book. I’ve always held this statue in high regard, and finally having an excuse to buy it is a great thing.

Anyways, I hope you’ll give my review a watch. I enjoyed making it. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as well.