I just received the Jean Grey – Phoenix 1/4 scale statue by XM Studios a few days ago. I’ve been waiting for so long for this statue!

XM Studios have been around now for a few years, and they are a company still surround by a great deal of hype. It just seems like it won’t die down ever since their Magneto hit the market. They are a company that does a lot of things differently compared to other older companies that we’ve known for years.

  • They focus on creating very solid and secure packaging for their statues.
  • They conduct their production of statues very transparently by providing work-in-progress footage for their fans.
  • They engage in hot topics within the fan community and respond to concerns etc.
  • They use customer feedback directly in the production/design phase of creating a statue.
  • Their designs are often ambitious and visionary – they seek to impress.

It’s safe to say that XM Studios is a company that does things differently compared to e.g. Sideshow Collectibles. There are both pros and cons to their way of conducting themselves, but however one might feel about this, they seem to be doing well.

Anyways, the Jean Grey – Phoenix statue (let’s just say Phoenix from now on) is a fantastic statue. It’s a great testament to the level of ambition and vision that the design team puts into the statues. It’s an overall very impressive statue. This goes for its size, its incredible design and the complimentary colors.

It comes with 3 different portraits. They all add their own distinct expression to the statue. That gives the collector some very nice and impactful display options.

Check out my unboxing video below.