Today, I received my first custom head/portrait for the Wolverine 1:4 Scale Statue by XM Studios. It’s a beautiful piece featuring the unmasked face of Logan/Wolverine. It’s a beautifully sculpted and painted custom head of very high quality. The details are really impressive and it has a nice weight to it as well. It feels like something that could have come with the statue to begin with.

The expression of Logan is very accurate. It hints at the rough character of Wolverine with its raw and brutal aesthetics. The cigar also does its part in order to show the nature of the character. I feel it is a shame that a cigar-smoking portrait wasn’t part of the original retail offering so it’s nice finally having a head for this statue that does.

In the near future, I’ll do a quick video review of this portrait, but for now, you’ll have to settle with a few pictures. Oh, and I am working on setting up a nice gallery for this website so I can add more photos, and on a more regular basis. I just need to find the right plugin/solution that offers what I need, and in a way I find to my liking. I’m working on that so sit tight!

Wolverine_Logan_Portrait_XM_Studios_002 Wolverine_Logan_Portrait_XM_Studios_003 Wolverine_Logan_Portrait_XM_Studios_005 Wolverine_Logan_Portrait_XM_Studios_009