Wow! What a way to round off the year of 2015! Today, I was featured on Sideshow Collectibles’ website. Some of my photos and some text that I wrote for the feature.

You can check it out by clicking here.

Basically, Sideshow Collectibles pick a submission each week and do a feature of the collector on their blog. Well, this time around, it was my turn. It’s actually not that long ago that I sent in my submission. Why didn’t I do it long before? Good question, really! I think that the reason might be that I’m actually more comfortable with my collection today than before. Also, this being the end of 2015, it simply feels like a good time to do it. Sure, I will be getting new stuff in the coming year as well. But I really don’t have many big plans or changes coming to my collection. So this is definitely a good and worthy milestone.

My collection represents everything that I love from the realm of pop culture. You’ll find all kinds of different pieces that somehow represent my favorite franchises. I also spend a great deal of time picking out the pieces that I want. So I don’t have as big a collection as many of my friends do, but with the limited size and space I have at my disposal, I try and make the best out of displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing way – at least in regard to my own personal taste.

Being featured on Sideshow Collectibles doesn’t really change my experience as a collector. But it is a great, great feeling to be “seen” by the company that has meant so much to me for the past 5 years. That they take some time and acknowledge my humble existance as a collector is just plain awesome. I didn’t even share them a link to my YouTube-channel. They made sure to add that themselves, and they even found a few more of my photos and added those to the feature post.

So, if you are curious about who I am, how I started and so on, you should definitely check out the post! I’ll just go right ahead and post the link once again.

Featured at Sideshow Collectibles

Featured at Sideshow Collectibles