Finally! My review of the fantastic Jean Grey – Phoenix 1/4 scale statue by XM Studios is done!

It took me a while to get around to it. Mostly due to a busy real-life draining my time and energy. Making a review takes me most of a day. So it’s a question of finding the exact right time to do it. I still enjoy it very much, though, so don’t be worried. I’ll keep making reviews as long as people keep watching them.

Anyways, the Phoenix. Beautiful statue… I must admit that I was very sceptical towards this statue for a very long time. I did fall in love with it when it was first announced, but the constant changes that were made to it, particularly in terms of the portraits, made me very concerned, almost to the point where I was looking to sell her – or at least pass on my preorder to someone else. But, I decided to stick with it. It was a gamble, but I wanted to see what was in store. The concept was still very impressive. Today, I am very pleased with this decision because I really like this statue a lot.

I definitely recommend that you go ahead and watch my video review, but I’ll provide a list of things I feel summarize my thoughts and feelings towards this piece.

  • There are three portraits of which I really like two, but the last one is not really my cup of tea.
  • However, the facial sculpts still seem to be one of the weaker aspects of this and many other XM statues.
  • The paint application is wonderful. Precise and clean.
  • The sculpt, and the anatomy in particular, is exquisite. It’s a clean cast, and the physical features are beautifully represented.
  • The clear resin cast phoenix is magnificent and the choice of material is remarkable. It lends itself in a great way to the design.
  • The base is huge and heavy.
  • The main selling point is the concept and design. XM Studios did a fantastic job with realizing the concept in this form. Bravo!
  • The packaging of the statue is luxurious and of  a very high quality.
  • The aftermarket price is very high, but this is also a very remarkable and unique statue.

I think that points out some of the most important aspects about this statue. Anyways, please check out my review. Leave me a comment, a like and subscribe as well.

Thanks a lot!